6 Keys to Success for a Mobile Billboard Campaign

6 Keys to Success for a Mobile Billboard Campaign

As summer approaches and people start coming out of hibernation it is now time to get your mobile campaign kicked into full gear.  People are out in the streets and it is time to start targeting your market.  You can always put up a sign and hope it works, but, it is much more effective to input the proper strategies into your marketing campaign.

A few simple tricks can really amplify how your messages are received.  Make sure you know what is going on and that you know how and when people are interacting with your signs.  Here are 6 tips for optimizing your mobile sign campaigns.

1) Have a goal in mind.

Branding: You just want people to see your logo and message to increase awareness.  You aren’t as worried about a final result, but more so, just want to ingrain your logo or company name into the minds of your customers.  The key is exposure, exposure, exposure.  The main objective is to get your message in front of as many people as you can.

Call to Action:  You want people to illicit a certain response after seeing your advertisement.  Your message is direct; Call today, go to our web address, email here, text this to here, use this promo code, etc.  You want them to pick up the phone and call your number right then and there.  One of the best things about having a call to action campaign is the fact that you get to see results immediately.  It is very important that you have the proper tools and design in place to maximize your efficiency.  Make sure your not shooting in the dark with your campaigns with the tricks below. 


2) Phone Tracking

Phone and website analytic information has really come a long way in the last 5 years.  Now you can see what is going on with your campaigns clearly and instantly.  It is very important to have phone tracking in your phone call to action campaigns and it is important to track your website landing pages through some type of analytic program.

Phone Tracking

The days of not knowing where your phone calls came from are in the past.  Now if you have 3 signs, you should have 3 separate tracking numbers to track each one individually.  With each sign being tracked individually you will be able to find the best practices for your campaign.  You will be able to determine whether your locations, messages, or phone conversion procedures need to be adjusted.

On top of all that information you will also have your calls recorded for quality control review of your phone call reps.

With call tracking you will be able to have a report such as this for each individual sign that you have. You will know instantly when you need people standing by on the phones, whether or not your sign is receptive, and if you need to change the message or location.

 The key things to look for with your phone call statistics:

Are you missing any calls?  Your close ratio plummets if you have to call a customer back

What time are your calls coming in?  You will be able to make sure you have a enough human power on your sales lines to make sure you don’t let a single customer down.  You can also free up labor when you know the volume is going to be there in advance.

What signs are your top performers?  Use this information to test between different designs.  When you pin-point down what works, stick to it.  Evolve your other campaigns to the strategies of your top performers.

3) Know Your Stats

There are a couple key stats that you need to be aware of with your campaigns.  If your not determining your return on investment, why are you marketing in the first place?  Every single campaign is different.  You will probably know which stats to keep an eye on.  These will vary for every individual.  If your in the dark, here are a couple key stats to keep an eye on.

1) Cost Per Lead

You need to know how much money each one of your phone calls costs you.

2) Lead to Sale Close Ratio

How many leads do you need to generate before obtaining a sale?  What sales average do you expect?

3) Return On Investment

If your not determining your ROI, why are you marketing?

4) The Right Colors

The proper colors, clear fonts, and correctly sized messages go a long with with any sign campaign. Did you know he colors we see change the way we think?  Whether it is on conscious or un-conscious level, the colors we use can actually illicit a certain type of response with our customer.  Do some research before choosing them.  A simple search “psychology of colors” will give you the information you need.


5) Immediate Follow Up

So you have your campaign rolling.  If you are starting to see phone calls and online leads coming through it is important to respond to them immediately.

Make sure that no phone call goes to voice mail.  If you can’t support your call center at all times phone calls are coming in, use your phone call tracking to ensure you can cover your peak times.  If a customer does go to voice mail, make sure to call them back immediately.  Several voice mail systems can have your incoming voice mails emailed to you.  Get that set up so you can always jump on any important call.

Your online form submissions, or online leads, are your bread and butter.  These are often times your most qualified leads.  To maximize your sales from your website you need to respond to your online form submissions within 5 minutes.  Once you achieve this you will start to see you sales increase quickly.  The most important thing here is maximizing your customers experience.

6) Add Motion

When you add motion to a sign it is going to have a much higher retention rate.  Make your ad stick out with motion.


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