Billboards are not just for the fortune 500 any more.

Why a digital mobile billboard?

Very few small business’ can afford to buy an 8 second spot on a high profile Highway Digital Billboards sign that cost between $5,000. and $10,000. per month, for one of eight, eight second ads, depending on location. Yes, they are impressive and beautiful but the reality is that approximately 50% of the people who see it are passing through and 95% of business’ cannot afford it. Imagine owning your own mobile ADHITCH DIGITAL mobile billboard for the cost of one month rent on one of the Highway Digital Billboards? You own it, control it and it keeps on working.

  • Mount it on your vehicle using a standard 2” hitch receiver and take it wherever you go. It goes where Billboards can’t go!
  • Park it at your business.
  • Take it to special events
  • Put it on the ADHITCH Digital Mobile Billboard stand and roll it to any location and plug it into wall outlet
  •  Update advertising content more effectively: Instead of ordering and waiting for a new printed sign, businesses can upload new content on the fly. Businesses can switch offers, advertise new specials and more with a quick decision.
  • Influence customers’ final purchasing decisions: With the ADHITCH Digital Mobile billboard, businesses can reach their customers near to their point of purchase. That’s why signage is often placed at entry points and purchase points of retail establishments.
  • Lower long-term costs: All those costs associated with traditional printing are long gone. No more printing, design changes and billboard setups. The ADHITCH Digital mobile billboard puts you in the drivers seat.
  • Ultra-targeted content: A marketer’s content is more relevant to customers than ever before, due to the ability of the ADHITCH Digital Mobile sign to ‘speak’ more clearly to specific groups of customers. This ability to tailor content makes selling messages more welcome, and often more persuasive to customers.
  • Track results: ADHITCH Digital mobile billboard offers benefits in measuring results. There is no delay. If one messaging unit isn’t producing any measurable activity, it is simple to change the ad content instantly and wirelessly and test different methods. Fine-tune your messaging exactly the way you want it in real time.