ADHITCH DIGITAL puts you in control

The ADHITCH DIGITAL Mobile Billboard gives you the control and flexibility to:

1) Tell your story with your call to action.

2) Communicate directly with your target audience.

3) Change your content instantly to target a specific place in the buying cycle.

4) Upload meaningful & target appropriate messages instantly.

5) Select your messages and images for optimum use and visibility.

6) Make the media you use as interesting and varied as you desire.

7) Employ a clear call to action when and where you want.

8) Direct customers directly to your website.

9) Prompt your customers to download your app for instant access to you specials


The ADHITCH Digital Mobile Billboard provides you with the flexibility to take your message where you

want , when you want, to whoever you want.


One of the biggest problems for any business is getting your message out there. The ADHITCH DIGITAL

Mobile Billboard gives you the power to get your message to the right people in your target market at

the right time.


The content you provide to your customers drives business. At any given moment buyers are searching

for information that will inform and educate them. Getting the right advertisement to the right people

at the right time is what ant business wants and it is what the ADHITCH Digital Mobile Billboard is all

about. There is no other advertising medium that allows you to take complete control of your

advertising message. Target your audience! You deliver the messages when and where you want it.