The 5 Steps Before You Start a Mobile Billboard Business

The out-of-home marketing industry has traditionally always been a dominant marketing space for fortune 500 companies. This includes TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, and mobile billboards. Due to the ever-changing world of technology, the out-of-home marketing industry has spawned a new industry of digital out-of-home marketing (DOOH). This includes Digital LED Billboards. The DOOH industry is expected to increase to 4.08 billion by 2018, which is sending major ad agencies racing to convert old static billboards into new digital LED screens.

The main advantage of a digital billboard is the ability to instantly change the content. Now ad agencies can provide service to multiple clients on one board. They no longer need a maintenance crew to change a banner every month. This increases profits while keeping overhead costs down.

The evolution of this technology has allowed mobile billboard companies to retrofit LED displays onto vehicles such as; box trucks, pick-up trucks, flatbeds, trailers and even cranes. Digital mobile billboards have the ability to reach demographics that regular billboards can’t go, while displaying multiple messages. Now, operators can easily change the billboards advertising, as well as, the billboards location on-demand. The need for digital billboards will continue to grow rapidly.

You’re probably thinking that the demand, in your demographic, for a digital billboard is there, but just realizing the costs of buying a big box truck, researching & purchasing a large LED display, then figuring out how to retrofit it to your vehicle, is making it difficult to start this very profitable business venture.

What if there was way?

AdHitch Digital Billboard System

The worlds first portable LED billboard


AdHitch Marketing has revolutionized the mobile billboard industry by creating a one-of-a-kind, portable LED digital billboard system that can easily be placed on any vehicle via 2” hitch receiver or on the portable stand.
Now, anyone with a vehicle and the entrepreneurial spirit can get an AdHitch Portable Billboard system to quickly start their very own mobile billboard business with minimal costs. The AdHitch is a business in a box, delivered to your doorstep ready to start making money.
Proper preparation is a key to success in any mobile billboard business and AdHitch Marketing has provided you with the initial steps you should take to start your new business driving in the right direction!

5 Steps To Get You Started


Research your state laws & local ordinances. You must make sure local ordinances do not hinder operating while driving. Parking in strategic locations is just as beneficial as driving the mobile billboard. Call into your local municipalities, dmv’s, and police departments to find answers. Review codebooks online for free. If you discover you cannot operate while driving , do not be discouraged; utilizing the AdHitch Digital Portable Billboard for event promotions and marketing is a proven business model guaranteed to earn ROI. There are many ways the AdHitch can earn revenue; the portable design allows you to reach unique markets and clientele.


Once you have done some research, you must start to design a plan for mobile billboard services & event promotion. Make sure you have a vehicle with a 2-inch Class II or III hitch receiver, if not you can easily add one to most vehicles. Next, figure out your route, research the areas demographics to learn about the people that will see your advertisements. Then, it is possible to define the target markets that will want to buy your ad space inventory. Now that you know whom your selling to, you can figure out how to sell to them.


After learning your markets and discovering the potential, you can now prepare for your future. You will need to think about the potential start-up costs and operational costs. Then you need to figure out your ad space inventory, selling price, and your break-even points. Luckily for you, AdHitch has put together a media kit that shows you plug & play math formulas designed to make predicting the future easy for you. (Click Here!)


At this point you can now presell your ad space. Walk into the local businesses, ask to speak with a manager or owner, and ask them for a minute of their time. Unless they are very busy, most will give you their ear for a few. Have a quick one-page sales sheet, with a few pictures and talking points, ready to hand them. After your elevator pitch, see if they would be interested in advertising when you launch your business. Ask for an email address/business card to keep in contact. This simple process will qualify leads for you to sell to once you start operating.


You now know your selling points & profit margins and understand with some sales hustle, you can start earning some serious return on your original investment. It is now time to make it official and register a business name within your local municipality. It is a simple process to register a DBA and usually costs less than $75. It is the quickest and easiest way to start a business. Or you may want to think about registering a LLC with the state. You are now ready to purchase your AdHitch Digital Billboard System.

Download the complete AdHitch Start-up guide below. This includes everything you need to know to get your business up and running with an AdHitch Digital Billboard System.
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