1) Upload messages in real time.


2) Upload unlimited graphic or video content instantly.


3) Automatically adjusts to daytime and night time conditions.


5) Fits into 2” hitch receiver of any motor vehicle.


6) Provides maximum utility. You can take it off the vehicle and put it on the ADHITCH


stand and roll it to strategic location of your choice.


7) Weather and water resistant.


“You own it for the cost of a one month, 8 second spot on a Digital Billboard, on a major highway in a major city!”

Tax Incentives vary from individual to individual and company to company.  Below are some general tax incentives that most of our clients take advantage of.  Please consult with your tax accountant to ensure what you qualify for.

  • 100% business capital depreciation write off.
  • 55.5 cents per mile write off for business.



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