AdHitch Necessities

AdHitch External Battery System

     The AdHitch Portable Display System can easily be attached to any vehicle with a 2 inch hitch receiver. The next step is giving the sign power.

     While running off the main battery of the vehicle is possible, it requires the vehicle be turned on in order to give power to the sign. This may or may not be the best option for your use. 

     We have developed an external battery system that is easy to install, cost-effective and efficient. This system allows you to give power to the AdHitch when the vehicle is off. The other main benefit is that your secondary battery recharges whenever the vehicle is turned on. 

Everything you need to get started!

AdHitch Necessities

The graphic below depicts the basic installation of our battery system. Below is a numbered list of all the parts needed.

  • Connector.

    12v Deep Cycle Marine Battery

    100 amp hours 860 cranking amps. Purchase from department store.

  • Connector.

    4 Gauge Battery Cable

    This is to run between main batteries. Total length depends on vehicle application. Purchase from department store or amazon (red & black cable)

  • Connector.

    Battery Isolator

    200 amp battery isolator. This is device will charge both batteries when the vehicle is running, while only allowing power to be drawn from the secondary battery to power the sign.

  • Connector.

    Fuse Splitter & wire

    Select a fuse from the box that has power with the ignition switch. Use 14-16g wire to connect from fuse splitter to power the isolator. This will give power to the isolator when the vehicle turns on. Use 10-12g wire to ground isolator to metal frame of vehicle. Purchase from amazon or department store

  • Connector.

    Fuse Holders

    Fuse holders should be inserted in the main power lines between each battery and the isolator as safety measure. Purchase from amazon or department store

  • Connector.

    200-amp fuses

    Fuses for the fuse holders. Purchase from amazon or department store

  • Connector.

    Power Plug (included)

    Heavy duty twist lock plugs attached to 10/2 gauge wire. Crimp battery terminals to the wire (if necessary) and tighten to battery posts.

These are the main components of the external battery system. There is minimal mechanical skill needed to create this system. It is easier than installing a basic stereo system.

For links to purchase everything listed above, click the link below and provide us an email to send it to, we will respond ASAP.

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