Success Stories

Success Story

LED Mobile Billboards, LLC
Frank Ritacco

“Made the decision to buy and never looked back!”Frank R.


Frank R. is a 29 year old, bartender of 10 years, with a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. He reached out to AdHitch right around the time our first production models were ordered. Frank was looking to start a business with the AdHitch Digital. After a call with our sales team, Frank was determined to make it work. After planning his basic business model, Frank saw a major opportunity with a low risk/high reward.

Quickly forming LED Mobile Billboards LLC, he then, quickly purchased an AdHitch Digital and became the very first person to use our production model AdHitch Digital. 

Frank set up our recommended external battery system in his 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, designed a few mobile billboard routes in Long Beach Island, NJ, during the summer season. Then, created the demand and sold advertising space to local businesses!

After his first successful summer of mobile billboard advertising, Frank decided to focus his use of the AdHitch for Event Rentals, On-premise advertising, & Customized Exclusive campaigns.  These two strategies have proved to be extremely profitable.

Frank has gained tremendous experience having completed events of all sizes, located throughout the Tri-state. LED Mobile Billboards has even booked events promoting BudLight Tailgate Parties at MetLife Stadium – Home of the NY Giants & NY Jets Football Teams. As well as, driving in the Ocean City, MD, St. Patricks Day Parade for NBC!

Frank earned a return on his original investment in less than 6 months time, while still bartending full time. He has since bought a second AdHitch and has expanded his operations into the Staten Island, NY demographic. As well as, now installs LED displays for storefront message boards. All of this and more in just over a years time. He plans on expanding his fleet to 10 within the next 2 years.

Having logged countless hours on our AdHitch Digital Systems, Frank has helped our research & development team progress the AdHitch Digital System to above average standards. Frank is always willing to speak with anyone looking to purchase an AdHitch. Anyone interested in speaking with Frank directly can schedule a time through this contact form at the bottom of this page!

We asked Frank to answer a few questions.

What was your deciding factor to buy?

“I am located on Long Beach Island, NJ, which is a vacation destination during the summer months. Having grown up there, I knew local businesses focus their advertising efforts heavily on traditional mediums.

When I first saw the AdHitch Digital, I knew this could be the start of something great!

I knew the demand would be there, and at that point, it didn’t matter what the price of the AdHitch was, because I knew I would make a great return on whatever the investment was. I made the decision to buy and never looked back!”

3 reasons to buy an AdHitch?


“Versatility is second to none! Within minutes I can have my AdHitch on or off my vehicle with the mobile stand. Car power or land power, Indoor or Outdoor Events, it does it all!”


“The AdHitch is literally a business in a box shipped to your door. At the price point, it makes it possible for just about anyone to start their own business or grow an existing one.”


“The wow factor on the AdHitch is huge! Everywhere I go, people ask me about it. It starts to sell itself. Client referrals are great for me. It truly is a one-of-a-kind product”

Any advice you can give?

“Don’t let the fear of the unknown cloud your vision of opportunity.

It’s scary starting a business, making an investment, and relying on yourself to make it happen, but if you properly plan and execute you can be successful. ”

“The AdHitch’s versatility leave it up to your imagination on all the possible ways to make money with this thing! You have to want to win, put in the hard work & effort and you will reap the rewards! Stop waiting, just do it!”

Create your own success, it starts now!

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