“I have done a great deal of advertising and spent a lot of money on billboards I wasn’t sure made any difference. Compared to what I spent in two months recently, the ADHITCH paid for itself! I have had many people ask me about my store and the ADHITCH. I know ADHITCH works! Thanks again Billboards on the Run and ADHITCH for growing my business!”

– Mark Lamantia

“I have to tell you how incredibly effective your AdHitch sign has been for me in my campaigning. Just last night I had the AdHitch on my vehicle and parked it in the parking lot right in front of the High School as people were coming in to the caucus meetings and you couldn’t help but notice it. Especially as the sun started to set, the lighting on the sign made it look like a billboard. It was great!

Being able to have my campaign logo and message mobile and ready to take with me where ever I go has been a wonderful advantage. Billboards and regular campaign signs are really expensive and being able to use the same sign over and over again has saved me a tremendous amount of money.

The right message, in the right place, at the right time is critical to any campaign and I feel like I have found the best kept secret in the political campaigning world.

You guys are great to work with, and your AdHitch really is an incredible messaging tool. One of the challenges in a campaign is making sure that you have great visibility at the major political events, caucuses, conventions and so on. The sign that you set me up with has worked wonderfully for that in my last campaign, which I won handily, and I have a lot more ideas of how I can use it even more effectively this time around.”

– Eric Hutchings



I would like to offer my comments on the Adhitch Mobile Marketing System that is presently being manufactured in Utah, USA. My first contact with this group was approximately 7 months ago. My call was directed to Mr. Ross Bottomly their VP of Sales. Ross was more than helpful and his knowledge of the product gave me a very cozy feeling that these folks were the real deal and had something special to sell to the business world. In my 20 plus years in sales it was the first time I talked to an individual where you could feel an honest excitement and conviction this individual had for their product. I was impressed, hooked and ready to make a commitment.

Within a short period of time I ordered one unit to test the waters in Nova Scotia, Canada. Due to our extreme climate I had concerns about the unit operating under cold damp freezing weather with temperatures in the – 37 degree Celsius. Knowing fully that this unit was only offered a warranty in 0 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, I wanted to explore its durability. As a former newspaper manager I could see the enormous potential in this advertising tool, if it would function as advertised in our Canadian climate.

Well winter passed with a daily variety of cold temperatures, unpredictable wind chill and crazy cold wet weather. The ADHITCH MOBILE UNIT took a licking in our Canadian cold weather and just kept on ticking without missing a timed function.

In closing, this is one tough mobile advertising unit, with enormous marketing potential to change the way businesses can showcase their products and services. The ADHITCH will provide you with the edge to succeed where other advertising medias have failed. With the ADHITCH you control your degree of success.

What makes the ADHITCH BETER!!. Design, research and development, quality control, style, and a management team that has the knowledge and expertise that you can trust and count on. These folks are the “REAL DEAL”, honest, reliable caring business people where you are more than a number your family.

– Howie MacLean, Sales Manager, ID Marketing



I just wanted you folks at the Ad Hitch factory to know that I am so pleased with your product.
Each time I drive around my town, I am constantly laughing to myself about how many people either are reading my signs, pointing at the Ad Hitch or even taking pictures of the unit.
I drove on a one hundred mile trip a couple of weeks ago and when I returned, I had two messages from people asking about the Ad Hitch.
I went through a traffic stop on New Years Eve and the highway patrol told me how much they were impressed with the unit.
This new innovation should bring sweeping changes to how small and large companies advertise on all types of vehicles in the future. Way to go guys!
– Steve Rabon, Paper Pro Inc., West Columbia,  South Carolina