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Did you know that Adhitch

Billboards are no longer reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

The ADHITCH mobile billboard system is easily operated, boasts a superb pricing plan, and has the power to boost any business’s granular target marketing efforts, even down to a specific street address. In terms of impact and value, the ADHITCH “Total Marketing System” is second to none.

Outdoor Advertising rules the landscape of traditional advertising mediums.

You cannot turn it off. Tivo, DVR’s and remote control allow you to skip TV commercials. radio is not as effective as it once was. Satellite radio is commercial free. Yellow pages and Newspaper print ads are not as effective in the internet age. Spam blockers and Pop up blockers limit the effectiveness of the internet advertising. When was the last time you read a direct mail piece?

The Key to it’s effectiveness and versatility!

Tax Incentives vary from individual to individual and company to company.  Below are some general tax incentives that most of our clients take advantage of.  Please consult with your tax accountant to ensure what you qualify for.

  • 100% business capital depreciation write off.
  • 55.5 cents per mile write off for business.
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