Vehicle Wraps vs. Adhitch

Vehicle Wraps

Before you wreck your vehicles paint job, and resell value, you may want to take a look at the AdHitch mobile advertising system.

Why are you looking into placing a advertisement wrap on you vehicle?  Are you looking to take advantage of tax right offs?  Are you looking to generate new leads or brand awareness?  Are you looking to drive sales?

What if you could have all the benefits of a vehicle ad wrap with out the draw backs?  Before the Adhitch the car wrap was the be solution for turning your vehicle into a billboard, but, now that the Adhitch is in full production you have a better option for your advertising dollars!  Below is a few reasons why the Adhitch is better than a vehicle or car wrap

  • With a vehicle wrap you are stuck with the print message that you choose.  Better choose wisely because like a tattoo, there is no going back!  With the Adhitch you can switch your message in and out whenever you would like!  All you need to do is update the prints!  If your message is outdated, no problem!  You can have it updated whenever you would like for pennies to the dollar of changing a mobile wrap!
  • Sure a vinyl wrap can be removed.  It is not easy, you can damage your paint, and there is no putting it back on!  The Adhitch doesn’t have those issues!  If your selling your car or looking to temporarily take your message down for a certain amount of time all you need to do is take it off the hitch!  And guess what?  You can use the Adhitch on another vehicle no problem!  Try doing that with a vinyl wrap!
  • A car wrap blends into the surroundings.  Sure your message is on your vehicle wherever you g0, but what draws people in to look at it?  The Adhitch has motion to capture your eye.  If you driving or walking down the street it is hard to not notice the message on the Adhitch.  You will find your just waiting for the add to switch over so you can see what the next one is!  That is why you receive higher retention.