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Use AdHitch to promote your business or advertise others businesses and make money.

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Save money and promote your campaign and be seen day or night by your demographic.

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Drive sales to your open houses and new listings with a serious "wow factor" that is memorable.

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Use AdHitch to promote events, game scores, or sell sponsor ads and make money.

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AdHitch FeaturesAdHitch provides the tools you need to advertise to your demographic with ease.

On Demand Advertising

Upload your latest promo or news within seconds.

Business Opportunities

Several ways to make money. They sky is the limit!

Portable and Mobile

Attach AdHitch to your vehicle hitch or the included mobile stand on wheels.

Weather Resistant

Built to withstand the elements and extreme temperatures.



Upload video, still images or display weather, date and time.

Day or Night

Unlike other signage, AdHitch can easily be seen day or night.

LED Technology

The newest technologies for the greatest imagery displaying your ads.

Variety of Uses

So many uses, we could break the internet just listing them.

As Seen on ABC TV!

The Power of Driving Sales : AdHitch Portable Digital Billboard System

Combining vivid imagery with motion, the AdHitch LED portable billboard system is essential for entrepreneurs and businesses!
Quickly and easily take your LED sign from your vehicle and place it on the stand. The stand will allow you to use your AdHitch
as a portable digital display or just for easy storage. Water and weather proof to withstand most any use.

  • Within minutes, I can have the AdHitch on my vehicle or the mobile stand, ready for advertising any indoor or outdoor event!
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