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Revolutionizing Billboard Advertising With Patented Technologies

Portable Billboard Marketing

Our Portable Digital Billboard is so versatile, it is simply one of the single best ways to advertise your business and events. In fact, we have revolutionized the industry with our easily-programmable, vehicle-attached LED signs. We offer an all-inclusive package that puts you in full control of how you advertise.

Versatile, Portable, Attractive.

The versatility of our design allows you to have a mobile billboard truck and a portable billboard for indoor events or scenarios when a vehicle does not fit on premise! The AdHitch can create advertising space anywhere, anytime, in any weather!

–¬†Easily attach the AdHitch to any pole, wall, or structure

– Attaches to any class II, 2-inch hitch receiver

– AdHitch allows you to have a billboard without permits because it is not a permanent structure

– High resolution, outdoor 60″ LED display

– Built for all types of weather conditions

– Wireless connectivity

Store Front Signage

The AdHitch allows you to have that billboard because it is not a permanent structure. Not only can you finally get your storefront signage, but with our AdHitch, you also get portability.

Need a sign that you can move around your business or venue quickly? Then, easily attach the AdHitch to the INCLUDED AdHitch portable stand on wheels.

Cloud Based

You can monitor, add content, and even turn off your sign from anywhere in the world!

Now that you have the ability to turn your daily driver into a mobile billboard, you can easily rent your sign and ad space for quick, easy income.

3 out of 4 (75%) respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month and 60 percent noticed one in the past week, according to Nielsen's survey of those who traveled roadways with digital billboards.

Nielsen Survey

72 percent of billboard viewers actually shop on their way home and 68 percent make shopping decisions while in the car, billboard advertising can help you snag impulsive drivers.

Arbitron Study
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